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Protecting Your Drivers and Fleet with Video Telematics

Telematics plays a significant role in fleet management as the metrics they gather can be used to improve logistics; however, a growing trend among trucking industry professionals has been to employ telematics for fleet safety. Specifically, video telematics has become an essential tool for trucking safety professionals and managers who can use the data provided [...]
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Will Future Trucks Be Powered by Batteries or Fuel Cells?

Battery and fuel-cell-powered electric vehicles are new to the market with differing charging methods. Can these technologies find their own market, or will a single winner emerge? We have the battery-electric people in one camp and the fuel-cell-electric crowd in the other. The discussions between the two camps are interesting to say-the-least..Tesla’s efforts to build an electric Class 8 tractor and their supporters are quick to trash the “competition,” including Daimler, one of the most comprehensive truck manufacturers in the world.

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Daimler Begins Testing Automated Trucks on Public Roads

Daimler Trucks and Torc Robotics have announced that they are actively producing and examining automated trucks with SAE Level 4 intent technology on public roads. Initial testing routes are on highways in southwest Virginia where Torc Robotics, an independent technology developer that Daimler obtained earlier this year, is headquartered.

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