RollTek for Heavy Trucks, Military, and Fire Apparatus

IMMI invented RollTek to help better protect firefighters, paramedics, truckers, and soldiers in the event of a rollover crash. When accidents occur, the vehicles these professionals operate are at high risk of rollover. RollTek deploys in a quarter of a second to keep drivers and passengers safe. RollTek is custom engineered for each industry and has been extensively CAPE Tested to help turn what could be a fatal crash into a walk away event.

RollTek seats are designed to protect drivers in a 3 step process.
When roll sensors detect an impending rollover:

1. Seatbelt pretensioners tighten to keep driver and passenger securely in their seats
2. The suspension seat is pulled down to its lowest level to increase survivable space
3. Side airbags deploy to cushion the head and neck from impact

RollTek seats are available in Freightliner trucks from Transteck, Inc. Ask us about adding this outstanding safety feature to your Freightliner. See the video below for a demonstration of RollTek’s lifesaving design.

How Rolltek Works

Rolltek – Testimonial to Safety

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